zubin kanga: the cyborg hand

I have been working with the Australian new music pianist and researcher, Dr. Zubin Kanga for the UK and European performances of the Cyborg Hand tour, operating the multimedia elements and performing the electronics of the music. We have made many performances, including Cheltenham Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Royal Academy of Music in London and BKA Theatre in Berlin:

‘In The Cyborg Hand, pianist, Zubin Kanga presents new works that extend and subvert the body of the performer using immersive multimedia. Drawing on tropes from sci-fi and horror, the recital features motion sensors, warped Ravel, doppelganger pianists, deformed Hitchcock films, drowning pianos, glitch, mutant hands, and retro synth sounds.’

I also composed a new work for Zubin: ‘Unravel and Ruin’ which dismantles the second movement of Ravel’s Sonatine for solo piano. The piece combines warped samples of the acoustic piano, resynthesized MIDI taken from these analysed samples and also live processing of the acoustic piano in order to present and abstract ‘remix’ of Ravel’s work that uses many of the tropes of ambient, IDM and glitch music.’